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Yogi Book Club, All Welcome!!!

Want to find your True North with a great group of individuals?

Discover your destiny, make your dreams and passions a reality, be encouraged by like-minded individuals, build new friendships, celebrate life, and feel more empowered to be true to yourself on your journey of life as we delve into “Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self,” this winter season! I invite you with all my heart to settle in to the joys of sharing this book together as it guides us collectively and individually on our journey of life.

Our Yoga classes are sprinkled with just enough yoga philosophy, teachings, breathing techniques, and poses to keep us curious, wanting more, and gaining new insights in every class. But, if you are wanting to delve in just a bit deeper, this book club is for you.

I read through this book two years ago with an open heart, open mind, and a desire to absorb every bit of its’ contents, with the intent of reading it through a second time. The second time around would be with my pen in hand filling in every page of the book with my thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, and everything in life that inspires me.

I would love to journey through this book for the second time, not only with a pen in hand but with you, our new Yogi Book Club! From reading through this book, I was inspired to begin the journey of starting Hummingbird Yoga Studio, inspired to complete the story line and illustrations for my first children’s yoga book, to be a greater lover, wife, mother, sister, friend, yoga instructor and human being. To me it was like a Yogi Handbook or might I say, a Yogi Bible, of how to live through life in this day and age.

We will meet 2 Wednesday nights per month, 1.5 hours each session for 4 months.  January – April, 2020. We will have time for hot tea, book discussion and sharing, guided meditation, restorative yoga, and sound bath lead by Ruth Graupner.  We will then enjoy drinks and share light refreshments afterwards.

Our first class will be held January 8, 7:00-8:30 pm, as late as 9:00 pm for those who want to stay and mingle a bit longer. We will discuss chapter one together on our first evening, soak up restorative yoga and the beauty of a sound bath, and share light refreshments. “Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self,” By Jeff Krasno. Book can be purchased on Amazon from $17.65 – $26.99. If you would like me to order it for you, please let me know. A copy of this book will be at the studio for you to browse through.

“Jeff Krasno’s book speaks to the most primal instinct in us – wanderlust! This is the true journey to find our own self. Read this book and consume its contents and you could save your life.” -Deepak Chopra

Space is limited, so please be sure to sign up early at Hummingbird Studio, or by calling Ruth Graupner, 208-317-0994. Cost, $80 plus your book. Please bring a light refreshment to share at the end of class with the book club group.

What Yoga Mat Do You Use?

The Greenwashing Of Your Yoga Mat

Passion Force has asked Hummingbird Studio to share their article with you in regards to choosing your yoga mat. They have done some great research, comparisons, and analysis on the different yoga mats available to consumers. Please take time to read through their article, I think you will find it very interesting. You can also check out their web site for even further information in helping you pick out your very own, high quality, environmentally friendly, yoga mat.

Yoga is all about connecting with your body through your breath. There are countless styles and asanas that you can do to exercise your body and relax your mind but there is an important part of your yoga practice that you might not be aware of: the yoga mat.

This story begins with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), a substance that presents a number of problems —from the pollution it created during manufacture and the risks its chemical additives can present, to the harmful effects its incineration can have in countries and states where trash is burned. Well, you might ask yourself, “what does this have anything to do with my yoga mat?” Actually, a lot. Most yoga mats on the more economic side tend to be made of PVC and other harmful materials.

And it has come to light in recent months that there are some yoga mat companies that are rebranding PVC as PER (Polymer Environmental Resin or Polymer Environmentally Friendly Resin, as it is sometimes referred as.) PER is basically PVC with some other fancy sounding additives and fillers. Read this article for more information on PER and PVC in yoga mats.

As practicing yogis we believe in supporting yoga companies that are upholding Yoga Sutras values and principles. This is why it’s in our core values at Passion Force to support truly eco-friendly yoga mat companies with environmentally supporting business practices. Therefore, any attempt by a company to rebrand a toxic material as eco-friendly is what experts are calling “greenwashing.” This phenomenon is when a product brands itself as environmentally friendly when in reality it is far from it.
With the current state of affairs in climate change, consumers are leaning towards more environmentally conscious products. But this should never come at the cost of buying something thinking that it’s good for the environment when in reality it’s just false advertising.

For those of you that are yoga newbies and just getting into the flow of it, it’s convenient and easy to get a cheap mat at your local discount store or borrow one at your local studio. Although there are several reasons why getting a durable eco-friendly mat will become essential to your flow.
Investing in a durable, non-toxic mat can keep you safe in more ways than one. Depending on the mat, it can help you improve your grip so you can hold your poses comfortably, it can cushion your knees if they happen to be sensitive, and it will be a worthy lifetime investment.

If you’re committed to your practice purchasing your own environmentally conscious mat can be a reassuring act. Not only are you showing up for the health of our ecosystem, but you’re showing up for yourself on the mat.

Is CBD Oil for You?

We are pleased to introduce Joy Organics, CBD Oil Products, now available for purchase by appointment with Ruth Graupner, 208-317-0994, at Hummingbird Studio. 

    I have been researching and testing out different prescription drugs, products, gummies, and more for the last seven years, since my return to the USA.  I was inspired to find a solution to the 18 years of PTSD, anxiety, bouts of depression, and suicide attempts that I have experienced in life. While living in Australia, for ten years in a marriage that was shadowed over by domestic violence, my constant fear of life was debilitating.  The aftermath of PTSD and the road to recovery has been long these nearly 8 years since my escape and return to where I now live in Teton Valley. 

      I have at last discovered Joy Organics, premium grade CBD, 0% THC.  I started taking this product and have discovered a wonderful change in my everyday life.  I am now nearly free from anxiety, depression, and feeling much more alert, calm, and able to cope with everyday stressors.  My sleep is deep and satisfying, and I wake up feeling refreshed rather than filled with the ever present anxiety I was so familiar with for much of my life.  The PTSD triggers I used to experience daily have become few and far between. When a PTSD trigger does come, I am able to cope clearly without my body going directly into fight or flight mode.  

    I have written many stories of my life experiences, in blog form, that you can read on my website:  These traumatic life experiences will help you understand the depth of suffering that I have endured and have survived to tell my story.  This is why I am so passionately pursuing a path of healing and hope, not only for myself, but also to bring about positive change in the lives of others as well, no matter what your trauma in life has stemmed from.  The practice of yoga and sharing yoga with the community through Hummingbird Studio, in the schools, and through private and semi-private sessions has been one amazing source of healing not only for myself but for many in our community.  Other sources of healing that I have mentioned through blog form are: counseling, acupuncture, physical/massage therapy, the support of Family Safety Network, Driggs Head Start, and the constant support of family, friends, and my faith in God. 

Joy Organics the product I use, sell, and recommend.

Physical and Health Benefits of CBD

     Please contact me if I can help you in any way on your journey of life.  May your life be filled with gratitude, love, peace, and compassion as you live to inspire, bless and bring joy to the world around you!    

Sincerely,  Ruth Graupner

Sunday Spa Day

Relax, Unwind, Be Still, Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul!

Surrender to the Journey

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotti

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