Sunflower Glory….

While in India, nothing stood out to me more than the glorious sunflower fields. Symbolizing adoration, loyalty, faith, and longevity, each petal a “ray” of sunshine. They are recognized for their sunny charm and delightful disposition.

Early this spring I spent an afternoon planting sunflower seeds with my daughter. Her little hands working each seed into the soil, in hopes for a sprout. Much to our delight, the little seeds started the life process. Healthy soil, lots of rain water, and sunshine. The ingredients so necessary to sustain life.

The sunflowers grew rapidly in the summer sunshine, their brilliant petals reaching towards the heavens. Daily the sunflowers brought a smile to those passing by.

The leaves on the aspens have begun to change, turning into a golden glow. The other flowers fading, ready to sleep through the winter months to come. But, through the cold, snow, hail, and wind the lovely sunflowers in our gardens have continued in their warmth and beauty.

As in our own life, we can choose to maintain our glorious, God-given glow through the ever changing seasons. Beaming our truth, warmth, love, light and “rays” of hope to those that travel through our garden path.

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