Glitter from Heaven…..

I have heard that “The streets will be paved with gold in Heaven.” Well, I find myself walking on paths paved with gold right here on earth. A glorious demonstration of God’s love for each one of us as we walk the paths of life.

The brilliance of the sun beaming warmly through autumn trees, igniting my path with golden hues, paved thickly with glitter from heaven. Each leaf acknowledged by God as it floats, glittering in sunlight, making its’ way toward the path, awaiting its’ chance to be noticed by a traveler.

Or, raked up in enormous piles with all of the other glittering shapes! The leaves from high above, having watched children underfoot running around all summer long, listening to giggles of glee, laughter, and joy! Now finding themselves underfoot, hugged by the warmth of children, being tossed back up into the atmosphere by the armfuls…….back up into the sky, floating down again

and again

and again!

A rare beauty found, the shape of the leaf depicted only by the remaining veins, now preserved, dipped in gold, worn proudly by the traveler. A reminder of the “Heavenly streets paved in gold!” Glitter from Heaven!!

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