Afraid of fear….?

A voice against domestic violence, from first hand experience.

We all have fears, a fear of………….

You can quickly fill in the blank at the very mention of the word. But does the fear drive you to a motionless state of mind, or do you push beyond that fear? Pressing into a greater understanding, discovering strengths you never knew you had, digging deeper into who you are, realizing your capacity to expand the core of your very existence.

Fear is an instructor, a teacher, a director. Fear is the cause of a craving for love, for knowledge, for new insight and wisdom. Fear expands your horizons, is your Helper in attaining greater achievements!

Fear is pulled up from the depths of your experiences and becomes a coach within your mind, within your heart, making use of a vital tool called discernment.

I discovered and endured the greatest fears of my life married to a man for nearly ten years. I believed, I hoped, I trusted, I forgave, I endured, I grew through the pains of domestic violence, of abuse. I tolerated, I remained, I suffered and struggled in vain. My fear owned me. I did not realize that deep inside of me was the power, strength and mighty courage to escape for good this time.

Traveling by car, train, plane, for 36 hours without sleep, with one goal in mind, to return to my homeland. I was 3 months pregnant, breastfeeding my 10 month old baby, and in the middle of potty training my 3 year old…. I chose to make a new start, a new life, a new way. I had one suitcase, my camera, and my laptop, our passports and fear beyond measure!! All because of experiencing the greatest fears of my life, I am now on a new path, a journey of truly discovering all of who I was created to be!!

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