What is your destiny….?

Start the day with a nourishing breath…..inhale…..exhale…..

You were born beautiful! Born with a purpose! You are on this journey called life, the world at your fingertips. An extravagant butterfly by day. A Sleeping beauty by night, resting the mind, the body, the spirit. Your lovely form tucked into your blankets, your cocoon. Awakening with the morning light pouring onto your bed, the warmth of your surroundings holding you captive. Stretching your form, discovering the expanse of your wings, the rainbow of colors splashed across who you are. In this moment of self-discovery, of the first few moments of your day.

Inhale slowly, deep into the core of your existence, exhale all the way out through the crown of your head. Feeling out the day before placing those beautiful feet on the earth for the first time today. Your mind may all ready be racing, panting like a sprinter in anticipation of the gun fire as you line up, in your starting block, eyes straight ahead on the prize, the finish line. Wait…….

Come back to the breath, back to the work of quieting the mind. Stretch your beautiful wings up over head as you draw in a nourishing breath, extending through the tips of your colorful wings. Your gaze floating up last to meet the sky above. Exhale with intention, drawing your wings slowly down to your sides, your gaze following, eyes soft, jaw relaxed.

You have a destiny!!

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