To all you Gorgeous women out there….Take Time For You!

Create your favorite mood for a calm, restorative, peaceful moment in time. Plus a one minute yoga video for you included in this post.

What do you do to detoxify your precious life? When was the last time you really stopped to unwind, to de-stress, to unknot your beautiful body? To take time for you? To relax fully and enjoy the simple pleasures of life? Just for the sake of You, your own well-being, mindfulness, escaping to a quiet retreat. Possibly allowing time for creativity to take over in your mind.

Not only is nutrition, daily fitness, yoga, time for others, your work, shopping for what’s on the dinner menu, cleaning the house, bathing the kids, DATE night, all so important on a continual basis!!! But also, creating your favorite mood for a calm, restorative, peaceful moment…. I consider this vital to my life line.

I awake, 5 a.m., to a glorious morning in the arms of my husband! And then the day begins, racing 5 kids out the door for school, leaving the dog and cat inside a few minutes longer (while the deer venture through the yard to graze over any remaining bits of floral life from the summer months), cleaning up breakfast dishes, throwing on completely mismatched gym attire……realization hits when my husband gives me a side ways glance. Race back to my floor length mirror, “Who in the heck dressed you?” I ask myself. Off with the clothes in a hurry, on with a new outfit in a flurry!! Out the door, off to teach HIIT class!! Forgot to let the dog and cat out!!!

And so each day moves on with or without us!!! Each of us racing through the day, deadlines, phone calls, meetings, doctor appointments, taking out the trash, breaking up fights between the sweet, darling children, checking in with the wonderful man in your life…….the list goes on!!! But “stop, wait a minute, I’ve gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty!” And yes, you are!!!

No participants showed up for HIIT class today. No worries!! Two hours of transformative, powerful yoga all to myself. Trying new poses, recording sun salutation videos to share, resting my mind, loving my life. This journey of life is absolutely incredible!! No matter what life throws at you, rise up stronger through the storms. How is this possible? You might ask. This is where taking time for You comes into play.

I recorded this short one minute video with you in mind. A simple sun salutation that can be used anytime you have a spare minute. Gradually work up to ten in a row. Use your breath, inhale with one movement, exhale with the next movement. Blog post continued below…..

So, after an incredible morning thus far, I choose to retreat to my beautiful home, to start a luxurious foaming bubble bath. I have my Breathe journal, my current book of choice, “Me Before You”, JoJo Moyes. My charcoal soap bar, my eucalyptus and spearmint bubble bath, mahogany sandalwood candle. A delicious glass of red wine, my all time favorite addiction…….Lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. I am all set, stationed for relaxation! The kids are at school for another few hours. I learned the hard way, that in order to take on the daily tasks in the world around me, I must take time for me.

I know you are waiting for my fairy tale to be disrupted, but it actually stays intact!! The cool winter breeze blowing softly on my face through the window, my gaze soft, the stark bare aspen trees behind my house swaying in the breeze, the songs of birds, and a content smile on my face. “If life gets any better,” I think to myself, “I would be in heaven!!”

I used to think this was all so selfish!! Taking time for me? What? I am a wife, a mother, yoga teacher, artist, nurse to my kids, lover to my husband, the “bus driver” to every event, a chef each night, a motivator, a disciplinarian…….the list goes on!! But, I actually accomplish more throughout the day, all with a much better attitude, smile on my face, and a feeling of freedom in my heart when I do take time for me. Feeling far away from it all……the routine, the chaos, the confusion, my racing mind, the noises of life as it moves all around me.

And Yes, I have downed my wine, devoured my chocolate…..slowly…..and haven’t even started reading because I’m finishing up this blog, dedicated to you. But not to worry, I still have time, my race continues the moment I become the bus driver at 3 p.m., my sweet cherubs waiting for me!! So, when you see me at 3 p.m. with a ridiculous smile on my face, this is why, I’ve spent the afternoon floating in my sea foam bubble bath. Taking time for “Me Before You.” I encourage you to do the same. I would love to hear from you!! What do you enjoy doing to pamper and relax yourself? Please share with me your experiences as you take time for You!

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  1. Thank you!! Happy painting and enjoy getting back into yoga. I️ have written a few inspirational yoga posts that may encourage you as well!! Blessings. Thanks for stopping by!!

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