Fall In a Cup: Apple Cider

Apple Cider! A homemade fall blend. Perfect for a cold winter day, in your cozy chair, a great book or visiting with friends.

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IMG_0511The Story

Alright here it is, the post I have been so excited about sharing with y’all all week: How I made my own homemade apple cider, and it worked!

Maybe as a food and DIY blogger I’m not supposed to admit this, but I’ll admit it: sometimes my cooking experiments and DIY do not go as planned. Actually, my success rate is probably only around 80%, which is pretty good, but I want it to be higher, obviously! Knowing this, I sometimes feel apprehensive toward trying something completely new. Not just because I’m afraid of failure, but because it is incredibly disappointing to invest time and resources into something only for it to fail.

(You can pause here and read my previous post on why it is important to try something new). DSC_0125

Apple cider seemed like something that would be hard to make: something that would be complicated…

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