Are You True to Yourself?

If you can dream it, and you believe it, you can achieve it!

“Trust, it’s what friends do.” Said Dory to Marlin, Nemo’s dad.

The best way to trust someone, is to START trusting them.  Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open up your heart.  In some cases fear stops us from making the leap, taking the chance, reaching out, and trusting ourselves.  At other times, fear is the cause of taking us to the extreme, choosing to fly because there is nothing else that can possibly be lost and everything to gain.  Trust works in a similar way, choosing to believe in yourself, and choosing to believe in someone else.  If you can trust, ultimately knowing God is in control, the more limitless your possibilities become.  You no longer need to say, “The sky is the limit!”  But rather, “The sky is limitless.”  Our limits show up in life when we don’t trust in the God-given abilities and talents we were created with.

Trust comes with knowing that all things do work out for good when we have our eyes fixed on the Creator.  Trust more, fear less! Easier said than done at times. I endured 10 years trapped in an abusive marriage.  Every single day I knew that I would have one goal in mind, to erase yesterday and choose to trust the man I was married to again today.  That naive desire to continue to trust, hope, and believe is the only reason the marriage lasted as long as it did.  I have now discovered, nearly 6 years later, after fleeing for my life and for the protection of my three small children, that some human beings are not to be trusted with the precious life you have been gifted with.  I realized with decisive finality, that I was meant for greater things!

In order to trust, you must get to know yourself, and be on a path of continual self- discovery.  Who am I, what do I want to achieve in life, am I discovering more of who I am on a regular basis as I grow and change?  Do I set out to explore my strengths, weaknesses, boundaries, and limitations?  Knowing who I am, what I am capable of, choosing to dream big, to believe, and achieve whatever it is that I set out to accomplish in this great big world, is living true to yourself. Have I set labels upon myself, creating categories for my simple mind to squeeze into?  Leaving very little room for growth, for greater outcomes, and possible achievements.  Or, have I chosen to defy the limitations I create for myself, stepping out further, reaching higher goals, believing I am capable of more!?!

In the face of significant change, let’s call it disaster, a major crisis, disruption in routine, out of the norm…….this is when you truly discover what you are made of.  This is where your strengths and weaknesses are brought to the examination room of the mind, a place of self-discovery.  Choosing to escape, to flee for my life six years ago, was the most frightening, most advantageous decision I have ever made.  I fled out of fear, but with the courage of a mother bear, ready to face whatever came my way.  I chose to trust myself more than I ever had before, to trust I was making the right decisions, to completely start my life over with my children, and ultimately trusting that surely God wanted more for my life than to end up dead by the harmful hands of another human being, my own husband.

Trust! Trust yourself, trust your heart, trust the Spirit within, to lead the way.  Hold your head up high, walk with confidence in your stride.  “It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”  E.E. Cummings.

Be true to yourself!  This one precious life you have been gifted with, this heart beat that pumps by the will of the Creator, the beautiful breath that fills your lungs.

Be true to yourself, but how?  Be the best version of you every day.  Choose to lift your spirits up when you feel down.  Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up about every single occurrence that appears wrong to you, don’t berate yourself or find fault in every aspect of your own life.  It takes courage to be true to who you are in a world of frantic chaos, a world in such a hurry to judge, to condemn, to tear you down at every turn when you are just trying to climb your own mountain of self-discovery.

Choose to trust yourself today, even in the little things, if that is where you need to start.  But, dream big, believe in yourself, and you will achieve more than you ever imagined possible this side of heaven.  Trusting yourself is a baby step to trusting others.

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