When to let go…..When to hold on!

If you have been following my blog posts, this is one you do not want to miss!  Please read, share, and be inspired on your journey of life!

“I Have a Dream…..” Martin Luther King Jr.

Sometimes the universe gives you the kick in the back side that you need when you need it the most, when you just can’t make up your mind.  You are on the fence with a decision, what to throw off your plate, what to keep on, what to consume, what to be done with.  When is enough finally enough?  How much longer should you knead the same ball of dough before it no longer can rise into a fluffy, delicious loaf of golden baked bread with hot melted butter, and warm honey?

Questions start flooding your mind, taking over so much, that they start affecting your daily work, your sleep, maybe even your relationships with others, with those closest to you.  Questions, so many questions?????  What should I decide to do?  When will I know to move on?  Am I making the right decision?  How will I survive?  Where will I end up without the current security of my familiarity?  Who will my decisions affect?  How much longer can I endure, should I endure?  How are my children impacted currently, and how will they be impacted if I head down a new path?  Can I do it?  Will I be strong enough to say “NO,” or to say “YES,” when the time is right?????……..

Your head most likely spinning in circles, looking like a hamster racing in his wheel.  You start to look back at the paths you have crossed, the paths you have followed, knowing that even if you have fallen flat on your face before, you survived, you rose higher, you learned from decisions you have made.  You may look at your past choices as mistakes, or simply as learning curves, drawing strength from the well-spring of life deep within, from your spirit, from your heart!  This is where creativity lies, where boldness is built, where courage overcomes the darkness, where your faith is made strong!  Each experience building upon the Corner Stone!  Your destiny, your path becoming more clear as you grow, your purpose in life revealed just a little more, one step at a time.

I view my life from the bottom side of a giant cross-stitch pattern, or the under side of an enormous quilt.  I see stitches, knots, threads tangled up, numerous colors, the sharpness of a needle pressing through the fabric, changing directions, looping, connecting, threads cut, stitches torn out, replaced, fuzzy, messy, sharp scissors clipping away excess.  The hard work of life is seen on the bottom, the masterpiece yet to be revealed.  I see that God in all of His glory, can already see the masterpiece of my life, the beauty of the finished product, of that cross-work design, or the beautiful quilt.

Your job description for life is to “STAY!”  Stay strong, stay focused, stay present, stay malleable, stay creative, stay calm, stay peaceful, stay willing, stay adaptable, stay in the deep confines of your true self!  Don’t waiver in your decisions.  Learn to know yourself so well that any decision you make is the right decision.  Cry when you need to cry, laugh if you need to laugh at yourself, hold your head high, be confident with grace in who you are and who you have yet to become, holler at the top of your lungs on a mountain top if life just seems too unfair.  If you need to take kick boxing, or ballet through the twists of life, do so!  You only have one shot, one short life, and then eternity!  Make a difference in the world around you!  Pursue humility, integrity, honesty, love, peace, righteous anger when needed, justice, and truth!  Don’t tell God you have big problems, tell your problems you have a Mighty God!

I recently was in the position of needing to make a confident decision for my future!  I needed that swift kick in the back side.  I am so passionate about all I do, never wanting to leave anything undone. Always an over-achiever, over-comer, giving my all to everything I set my mind to!  My swift kick came from an unexpected source! It made me cry, made me feel like my four years of dedication to my tasks on the job, my reliability, my team work, my desire to set an example, to do my best, to encourage others along the way, to always consider others first, to not only dream and visualize, but to also follow through with a genuine willingness to see my dreams come to fruition for the benefit of the whole.  All of this was gone unrecognized, un-thanked, unnoticed, insignificant, to this one person.  The person, through whose words and actions, the outcome of the future of the company relies heavily upon.

I was on the fence looking left, looking right, not sure when to say “No,” when to close one chapter, or even start a new book at this point in my life. Was now the time to start a fresh new chapter, a new book!? I see the time has come!  I am so grateful for the abrupt kick in the back side!  I am confident in my new vision, my new dream, my path that has been shining bright before me, the direction in which my heart is most fulfilled.  My work these last six years and the ten years married to an abusive man, has been preparation for all that is snowballing before me!  Writing a blog and sharing my life with you has been the courageous attempt at changing and healing my own life, your life, one life…..one breath at a time, one written word at a time, my hope for you is to also discover all that lies before you too!

My new venture in life is coming into fruition so rapidly, that I feel as though I am inside the snowball that is merrily making its’ way, flying down the hill, gathering love and support all along the journey, growing in momentum building a new community to surround myself in. Filled with glitter, goodness, graciousness, kindness, passion, peace, hope, and love!

I have started Hummingbird Yoga!  A place where people can be so real with themselves, with their thoughts, re-discovering at any age who they are, what their unfulfilled dreams and goals might be.  A place to encourage others to make a new reality from one that has possibly been given up on, to be courageous and bold, to shine your light so bright that others cannot help but feel your love and warmth through your genuine smile!

Hummingbird Yoga, a place where tenderness, thoughtfulness, care, concern, and a patient attitude with one another can flourish.  A place where compassion for the heart-aches of others is obvious. A place to make a way possible for true transformation from the inside out.  A place to stay connected to one another in a real, tangible way, to overcome through the practice of yoga, to cry, to laugh, to tip over while balancing this life, and get back up again.  To allow deep emotions to penetrate the body and learn from them, moving forward with new hope.  To support a community of strength built one breath at a time through the practice of yoga.  To empower all who step into my classes to leave feeling successful in all they set their mind to!

I teach from the heart of my own experiences!  From a genuine passion for what I believe in!  A loving Creator who sees us all with eyes of grace, and boundless love.  I am opening up my life so that you will know that from my own experiences through my life journey, I am truly compassionate, with a heart of understanding for those who have lost their way.  Those who have been abused, violated, neglected, those who are hurting and feel they cannot go on, those who are happy and fulfilled on their journey, but want to discover more.

“I Have a Dream.”…….My favorite speech since childhood, by Martin Luther King Jr.  “I Have a Dream,” my favorite book given to me by my mother, left in Australia, when I escaped six years ago from domestic violence, and took a leap of faith, leaving everything and starting my life over.  Martin Luther King Jr., a man that inspired me since elementary school.  A man who had hope in what was yet to be fulfilled!  Hope:  a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment.  I have learned through my darkest hours in life to believe so strongly in my dreams to come true, speaking them out boldly, and watching them become my new reality, for the good of the whole!

Creating Hummingbird Yoga, was a dream that I did not know to even dream up yet, until it just started taking place in my life.  First with my husband, while dating a few years ago, calling me his “Little Hummingbird”, taking a 200 hour yoga teacher training, through Yoga Alliance, from the wonderful instruction of Joanne Lucey, at Yoga Off Little.  Discovering the healing, sustaining path of yoga in my own life, while teaching classes at Huntsman Springs.  Volunteering to teach yoga in schools throughout my community for the last three years.  I am writing and illustrating children’s yoga books, I have started designing Hummingbird apparel, currently in print.  I am looking forward to teaching yoga classes within the community starting Hummingbird Yoga in January, at High Peaks Physical Therapy, and also teaching at Yoga Off Little, both in Driggs, Idaho.

I have a dream, changing the lives of others one healing, sustaining breath at a time, through the gift and art of yoga.  I look forward to seeing you in my classes! I have been working on a schedule that most benefits all who have contacted me in regards to the yoga classes I will offer.  I will have the schedule printed soon, and look forward to where our paths collide in brilliance, how lives are changed for the good of the whole, as well as for each individual life. May we work together with dreams of bettering ourselves, the lives of others through our compassion, and our community, and eventually the world.

Thank you for reading my journey.  I pray and hope you are encouraged and inspired always through my words, and my actions.

With a loving heart so generous, that I hope it is contagious! 


Hummingbird Yoga, Ruthie

6 Comments on “When to let go…..When to hold on!

  1. Please let me know when the t-shirts are available. I would love to buy one even though I’m not in your area. I love your message. I wish you were in my area. I would be joining your class! Good luck

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  2. Thank you Chrissy for your support and encouragement! The process of printing is slow, but once all my designs are in the system and shipping I will be sure to let you know!! Blessings!


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