Hummingbird Yoga Happenings

Hummingbird Yoga is off to a great start, moving into our third week now!  A big Thank you to all who have participated in the last two weeks!!  There is growing interest from terrific people in our community that have come alongside Hummingbird Yoga, to really make a difference in individual lives!  I am blessed to see my dream come true to bring about positive change through Hummingbird Yoga, and encourage all that enter each class to succeed!

Hummingbird Yoga mission statement/vision:  To create a space in our community where tenderness, care, and a patient attitude with one another can flourish.   A place to make a way possible for true transformation from the inside out.  A place to stay connected to one another in a real, tangible way.  To overcome barriers through the practice of yoga, to laugh, to cry, to tip over while balancing this life, and get back up again.  A place to support community, gaining strength built on one breath at a time through the practice of yoga.  To empower all who step into class, to leave, feeling successful in all they set their mind to!

I am thrilled to introduce you all to the new staff of Hummingbird Yoga soon!  Through the support of others, Hummingbird Yoga will be offering a number of new classes to add to the current schedule in February.  New classes will include two early morning classes, and three new evening Hot Yoga classes, weekend yoga, and Jazzercise class five days per week.  We will be offering weekend workshops that include the knowledge of a local counselor as well as a practice through the healing art of yoga, mindfulness, and the breath.

Hummingbird Yoga (HBY) is an ambassador for Roots Tribe Yoga.  A non-profit organization, working with the Peace Corps, RTY’s vision is that children across the world grow up with a rooted sense of empowerment, compassion, and interconnectedness.  RTY, understanding that international development starts with self-development.  HBY will be donating a portion of the income from classes during the month of February to the BeLove campaign that RTY has organized for the second year in a row now.

HBY is an advocate for Family Safety Network.  Partnering with FSN to bring about lasting change in the lives of women who have endured domestic violence, abuse, self-harm, or sexual assault.  FSN is currently funding the Tuesday night class, Empowering Women to Rise, taught by Ruth Graupner, a survivor and over- comer of 10 years of domestic violence in another country.  Teaching from experience with passion for life and encouraging others to overcome their own hardships.

HBY is a support to the local Head Start.  Through 5 years of support and encouragement to the founder of HBY, Ruth Graupner, as a single mother to 3 small children for a number of years, it has been an absolute joy and pleasure to be able to give back to the program through gifting families with yoga classes end encouragement. The Washington DC Head Start, HQ, (reaching over 92,000 people in the DC area) has featured Ruth Graupner’s blog on their homepage, featuring the post she wrote: “The Locked Cage, Living With PTSD”, written supporting the work of Head Start.  A program dedicated to giving a helping hand to get families back on their feet again.

HBY is an affiliate of Yoga Outlet.  Meeting the fitness/yoga needs for apparel and supplies to students through Yoga Outlet, an online company.

HBY is still in the midst of finalizing designs for a Hummingbird Yoga apparel line.  Including leggings for women and children, yoga tops, and mats.  HBY will be opening up space in the studio to display Hummingbird Yoga apparel and eye pillows, hopefully by March.  HBY currently sells yoga kits that include a mat, towel, 2 blocks, strap, and carry bag.  The first HBY children’s book is underway.  A percentage of each book sold will also go to Roots Tribe Yoga.

HBY is an ambassador for Om Shanti Clothing Company.  We will be selling leggings and tops from this company as well as soon as we create the retail space for the studio.

Events to look forward to this summer:

·         Arial Yoga, also known as “anti-gravity yoga” making use of a yoga trapeze            suspended from the studio ceiling.  

·         Paddleboard Yoga on the Teton River. 

HBY offers gift cards, drop-in price: $12.50.  Punch card passes:  5-$60, 10-$110, 15-$150, or 20-$180. 

New: a one-time free pass for a friend, taught by Ruth Graupner.  A free trial week of Jazzercise, taught by Erica Black and Katie Lerwill. 

 Please be sure to subscribe to the HBY YouTube page: continually adding videos to practice yoga from the convenience of home.  Follow along on the HBY journey through  and

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