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Levitating Between Heaven and Earth

Experiencing Heated Flow Yoga in a community

setting becomes a healing balm for all. 

It is a chilly, blustery, Friday evening in November, rain drizzling down the windows of Hummingbird Yoga Studio, the time registering 5:26 pm.  A few last vehicles pulling up outside as friends hop out together, enthusiastically chattering, bundled up to keep out the cold.  One look within the window to see a cozy room made ready, the ambiance…..fairy lights glowing, illumination dimmed, candles flickering, the atmosphere a hum of excitement.  A room filled to capacity as community gather together from those experiencing something brand new, to the well seasoned practitioners.  As more enter the room, each making space for mats, blocks, and water bottles.  The heat and humidity levels climbing.  Colorful towels spread out upon mats ready to absorb the moisture soon to be created.  The calmness of some evident and the nervousness of others adding to the atmosphere.

The time now 5:30 pm, the lights made to flicker, bringing a hush over the room as each settles onto a block in a supported hero pose.  Hands resting on the quads, palms turned up, finger tips light and floating, arms relaxed, shoulders rolled back lifting the heart, the tension of the day released through the softening of the jaw.  The cheekbones relaxed, the eyes encouraged gently closed, and then, filled with grace and compassion for self.  The scattered thoughts of the day’s journey allowed to enter on the inhale and then to slowly drift away on the exhale, cares and worries flowing freely out the window.

The attention then directed to the breath, to the beating of the heart, to the intention set, giving meaning and purpose to the practice.  On the inhale, the arms reaching for the heavens as the eyes gaze upward, on the exhale the arms release and draw gently back to the sides, the motion continued in unison as the room breathes as one.  The atmosphere now calm, the breath of life, like a meaningful embrace.  Coming to hands and knees, opening the body, making space for deeper movement.  Extending legs and arms in opposing directions, and again releasing…….repeating.  The rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul prevalent to all.

Gaining in momentum, rising from the earth simultaneously, reaching again for the heavens and then cascading back down to the earth, folding the torso forward, legs long and powerful, arms soft and beautiful.  Each movement lead with the breath, deliberate, and full of purpose.  The rhythm of the room building as direction is quietly spoken to reach up and out, forward and backward, side to side, extending upward and downward.  It becomes a dance, a journey of healing, a vibrant hope for some, a spiritual awakening for others.

Sweat begins to trickle down the legs, down the arms, beading across the brow, the lungs expanding, muscles softening, the veins pulsing with life.  The atmosphere focused, unified, existing only in the present moment.  The gentle voice again giving instruction, alignment, direction…..I am safe, all is well.  I open my heart to love.  I make space for all that inspires me.  Nourishing the entire being with the sweetness of the breath.  The sequencing progressively dynamic, with options for all abilities.  Challenging the body into greater depths, and allowing the breath to direct the softening, releasing, and then the surrender to the flow of life in this very moment.

Gracefully drawing the body back down to the earth, sitting tall, twisting, rotating, expanding, softening.  The body squeezing out any last toxins and tensions.  The mind is redirected to intention, the purpose brought to the individual’s practice this evening.  The breath of peace encouraged as the body reclines onto the mat, supported by the earth beneath.  The knees then hugged into the chest, positions taken to lengthen, to gently stretch the muscles to the last of their full capacity.

The breath now washing over you like the ocean tide, leaving jewels, pearls, the glitter of the seas……taking back with it all that you surrendered.  At last, the feet are free to soften to grow heavy, and sink into the sand.  The legs are soft and heavy, sinking into the sand beneath you.  Each part of the body now given the opportunity to soften, grow heavy, and sink into the support of the earth.  You notice only your heart beat, thoughts no longer present, you have drifted into your sea, floating, hovering.  The angelic sound of a voice, singing over you, filling every cell of your body as you are lifted from your mat and levitating somewhere between heaven and earth.

Longing to remain suspended in the stillness of this perfect place in time.  But, gradually the body settles back down, touching the earth once again.  The finger tips wiggle, the toes awaken, the breath deepens, wanting to hold onto the emptiness, the nothingness, the present state of just being, existing in this wrinkle in time.  The breath drawing the knees upward toward the chest with ease, as you rotate over into a fetal position, cradling the head with your arm, the abdomen is soft and sinking once again toward the earth.  Pulling in the breath of gratitude, sighing out gratitude for the sharing of a Heated Flow practice with all in the room.

You are encouraged to inhale peace for self, and exhale peace for the world around you, next compassion, then love.  Each word resonating with your soul like never before.  As you guide the body back up into a comfortable seated position, the hands are brought to the heart center.  A unified inhale…….exhale……..inhale, then the vibration of “OM” filling the room, the sound of the universe and the sound within the womb.  Representing the state of bliss experienced by all tonight.

You hear the soothing voice of the instructor once again, speaking a prayer over you, “May you be protected on your journey.  May you be nourished from your practice within community.  May your life be an inspiration and blessing to all.  May you work with positive energy with those you meet.  May you love the world you live in.  Peace, peace, peace. OM…….  Inhale fully together, and a long sigh out as one.  The light in me, sees, loves, and recognizes the light in each of you.  Namaste.  Just Breathe.

With all my love to each of you who attend Hummingbird Yoga Studio.

Ruth Graupner

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