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Yoga through the waves of life

What a beautiful time of year as we breathe in the fragrance of fall, as we watch the rainbow of colors that splash across the mountains, over the valleys, and through the fields.  May we accept change just as naturally and respond in love. 

     Do you ever wonder how your breath can bring healing to your entire being?  As you discover the potency of your yoga practice, you will realize that you have been gifted with the breath of life to bring about renewed energy, to live in freedom from anxiety, lower your stress levels, and even overcome the self-criticism or self-doubt that we often struggle with on a daily basis.  I invite you to follow along with me on Hummingbird Yoga YouTube as I lead you through different styles of yoga from the convenience of your own home.

     I know COVID-19 has ushered in all sorts of abrupt changes to the world we once knew from closing schools, closing businesses, to changing home front dynamics, even losing loved ones physically and emotionally.  Mental and physical health as well as total well-being have become more important now than ever before.  We must restructure our life to fit a new pattern, to ride the waves.  Change is inevitable, but the strength to grow, the courage to surrender to the journey, the stamina to stay motivated, and the desire to THRIVE has never been more crucial. 

     I have been working diligently for the last six months to overcome obstacles on my own journey of life and I now offer to you Hummingbird Yoga classes online!  Although I had to physically close the studio, I am making progress with each of you in mind. I am new to the online teaching method, but as most of the world has transitioned to this new way of offering everything under the sun, I have taken a leap of faith once again to progress in this new style of teaching.

I absolutely miss the energy and the outpouring of love at Hummingbird Hot Yoga Studio in Teton Valley, Idaho! I miss joining with others seven days per week on the mat. As I taught, I became both a teacher and a student learning from the lives of all who entered. Each student brought about a tremendous amount of energy and vitality into the room. As we all moved and breathed together for 75 minutes of class we became one in spirit and we learned to trust our inner guide in greater ways. I miss the sweat from the heat and humidity during Hot Yoga classes, and then watching as students left feeling absolutely transformed. I miss the Sound baths, the Sunday Spa Days, the Restorative Yoga classes, and the private group sessions noting the emotional shift and positive change that each person was witness to in their own life as they gathered together after class! But, a new wave has come . . . how will we each choose to ride it out?

Maybe you are in a place right now that you believe you might just drown in all of the chaos and confusion around you. You have no relief as the next wave comes crashing down before you have even had the chance to breathe …… you are knocked down again so fiercely that your body smashes against the rocks and the coral reef below. You know this can’t be the end, you have too much fight left in you. Your eyes are straining to see through a blurry gaze in every direction, trying to figure out which way is up through all of the seaweed and the foaming bubbles that surround you. The light streaming though the waves appears just as dim in every direction as you are pushed down by even greater force once again without even the chance to escape for a breath. At last, you see a hand stretching out into the water, you trust, you take that hand as it pulls you up onto the roughness of a rocky shoreline where you cough and splutter. You gulp in air and breathe a deep breath of life. Willing yourself to survive, you look around and scramble up to rush away from the jaws of yet another pounding wave that is ready to pull you back in. You realize that you are impossibly important and there is a life to be lived that is yours and yours alone.

I know that everything in life is for a season, for a reason, for a greater purpose. The truth is, you are here to leave your corner of the world a better place! So, wherever the storms of life take you, trust and ride the waves. No matter how challenging life gets, you are always on a path to bring about a greater depth of character in your own life and in so doing touch the lives of those around you. Remember that you are enough, just the way you are! Give life your best shot, you are stronger and braver than you ever imagined!

I am always offering new classes on the Hummingbird Yoga YouTube page, so please like and subscribe to stay up to date with current offerings.  If you have any specific class style please make your request known and I will make a class for you. If you are interested in private live Zoom classes tailored to meet your needs, please reach out and I would be happy to create a class just for you.

Changing the world together one breath at a time!

With much love and gratitude, Ruth

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