May all of your dreams come true! May you discover your destiny!

Hummingbird Yoga has been created for the love of yoga, love of life, the breath!  This blog is designed to bring motivation to the mind, inspiration to the heart, and is dedicated to the soul.  Inhale love for yourself. . . . . exhale love for others, inhale compassion for who you are. . . . . exhale compassion for others. . . . . inhale peace in your spirit. . . . . exhale peace for humanity, inhale joy for life. . . . . exhale joy to the world!

Why Hummingbird Yoga?  My life is so similar to that of a beautiful hummingbird.  The hummingbird is known as a messenger from heaven and a stopper of time.  It symbolises love, joy, and beauty.  Always seeking out the sweetest nectar, they remind us  to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty of each day.  The sweetest nectar is within each one of us.  The core of our very existence.  Our light, our love, our nurturing spirit.

I am a lover/seeker of beauty, life, art, yoga, music, fitness.  Courageous! Always seeking to make positive difference in the world around me.  Compassionate and enthusiastic!  Dynamic, always hopeful!  I strive to look at life as a never ending adventure!  I love my work as a Life Coach and motivational speaker.  I am an instructor of HIIT, fitness, swim, and yoga classes.  I am currently creating/designing my own yoga apparel and supply line.  I am an artist, fulfilling another one of my dreams:  illustrating and writing yoga books for children.  I am a wife to a fantastic man and mother to 3 wonderful children and 2 beautiful step-daughters.

My hope for you in sharing my life through Hummingbird Yoga, is to captivate your mind through my life stories, experiences, through deep thoughts, nurturing your spirit, and bringing fresh light to your day!

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