They Say Time Heals….

The Operating Room….

It is nearly 11:00 a.m., my eyes fixed on the clock up on the wall. As I lie there on the starched bed, hospital gown wrapped around me, a heated blanket placed over me, my back aching from the angle of the bed, the female nurse standing over my left side, searching my arm for just the right vein to insert the needle for IV attachment….. I remind myself to stay calm. Don’t panic. Just breathe. “Practice your yoga breathing,” my husband is saying to me as he stands at my right side, holding my hand as I squeeze his. He is good at keeping the atmosphere light and the hospital staff entertained as he continues telling stories about his ventures as a medic back in the day. I know the nurse didn’t mean to push the needle all the way through my vein in my forearm, as I yelp out in pain. She apologizes, asking the male nurse to have a stab at my arm. I am dehydrated, over 12 hours since I last ate or drank anything. The veins in my arm still obvious but lacking luster. I brace myself for the pain that I now know is coming, staring off into the distance to keep my wits about me. My jaw clenched so tight, reminding myself I have to relax. I feel a terrible stab at my wrist. “Sorry,” he says, “I have to pull it back out.” “Not again,” I moan, as he taps around, joking that this is the most pain I’ll feel today, I’ll be put to sleep for the surgery.

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Living Yoga Every Day

Yogi Book Club, All Welcome!!!

Want to find your True North with a great group of individuals?

Discover your destiny, make your dreams and passions a reality, be encouraged by like-minded individuals, build new friendships, celebrate life, and feel more empowered to be true to yourself on your journey of life as we delve into “Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self,” this winter season! I invite you with all my heart to settle in to the joys of sharing this book together as it guides us collectively and individually on our journey of life.

Our Yoga classes are sprinkled with just enough yoga philosophy, teachings, breathing techniques, and poses to keep us curious, wanting more, and gaining new insights in every class. But, if you are wanting to delve in just a bit deeper, this book club is for you.

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What Yoga Mat Do You Use?

The Greenwashing Of Your Yoga Mat

Passion Force has asked Hummingbird Studio to share their article with you in regards to choosing your yoga mat. They have done some great research, comparisons, and analysis on the different yoga mats available to consumers. Please take time to read through their article, I think you will find it very interesting. You can also check out their web site for even further information in helping you pick out your very own, high quality, environmentally friendly, yoga mat.

Yoga is all about connecting with your body through your breath. There are countless styles and asanas that you can do to exercise your body and relax your mind but there is an important part of your yoga practice that you might not be aware of: the yoga mat.

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Is CBD Oil for You?

We are pleased to introduce Joy Organics, CBD Oil Products, now available for purchase by appointment with Ruth Graupner, 208-317-0994, at Hummingbird Studio. 

    I have been researching and testing out different prescription drugs, products, gummies, and more for the last seven years, since my return to the USA.  I was inspired to find a solution to the 18 years of PTSD, anxiety, bouts of depression, and suicide attempts that I have experienced in life. While living in Australia, for ten years in a marriage that was shadowed over by domestic violence, my constant fear of life was debilitating.  The aftermath of PTSD and the road to recovery has been long these nearly 8 years since my escape and return to where I now live in Teton Valley. 

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Sunday Spa Day

Relax, Unwind, Be Still, Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul!

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