SOMA Breathwork

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Please take action with deliberate intention for the health and well-being of all in your community. Thank you Teton Valley Health for all you do!

Grow together as a family, enjoy your kids, play board games, practice yoga, build a snowman, cook that favorite dinner you have been putting off, put on your favorite music and have a dance party! Sit in silence, enjoy a cup of tea while watching the snow fall, pull out your art easel, read a good book, learn to play a new instrument, deep clean every room in your house including the fish tank. There are thousands of things you can do while staying at home protecting lives!! Stay all the while grateful for the life you have been gifted, the support of an incredible community, blessed to be surrounded by your favorite little people, family and the breath of life.

Yoga Brings Wholeness

For the Love of Yoga. Love radiates out from the core of our being when unobstructed, the practice of yoga will remove any obstruction.

Why yoga? You may ask. This movement of body has been around for thousands of years. Roughly 100 years ago, yoga came to America. America has discovered the benefits of yoga as a healthy lifestyle in the last 40-50 years in particular. In the last 20 years, yoga has begun to explode into a practice done by millions. Yoga is accessible for every body. The movement can be gentle, or strengthening and powerful. The mind is opened up to new possibilities. The heart displays a greater capacity to love self. Awareness is shifted to begin to truly live in the present, to notice surrounding in a new light. Yoga involves the senses!

Yoga means to yoke. “To experience yourself as both the center of the universe and a dust mote on the filament of history. To choose to have a practice – a daily discipline of yoking your heart to your mind, your mind to your breath, your breath to your body, your body to the earth and the rest of humanity – is to pass this threshold into the examined, mindful life.” Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self.

Why do you do yoga? How has your life changed since your discovery of yoga? Do you allow your mind to be stretched as well as your physical form? Have you opened up the eyes of your heart to experience life in a new light? Are you mindfully moving, allowing the breath to guide the way? How do you take yoga into your every day life? At work, at school, running errands, relationships, on holiday…… Yoga is not just the physical form of the pose, but the flowing vibrancy of the soul, creating new pathways in the brain, stimulating the mind. It is a new rhythm to move through life with.

My practice of yoga has developed within me a greater sense of peace, a calm through the storms of life. My practice of yoga has energized me to dream my dreams and to live them out. To pursue my passions with confidence and certainty. To live from the heart unapologetically and release more of the logistics of the mind. To, as my yoga mug says, “Let That Shit Go!” The course of my life has shifted so positively dramatically from my daily practice of yoga, that it has become as important to me as the air I breathe. Yoga has brought me to the awareness of the lack of compassion I have for myself and the need to cultivate my inner voice with positivity. I want my yoga practice to bear fruit every day of my life.

I have committed to bringing about awareness of breath, mindfulness, physical movement, laughter, and joy in the classes that I teach at Hummingbird Yoga Studio and throughout our community. It is good to not take life so seriously all the time that we lose sight of that child-like faith that we were born with. It is okay to tip over, to feel silly, to think, “No way am I going to try that!” I encourage you to step deeper into each pose, not only with the body, but with the connection of breath, heart, mind, and soul. I ask you again, “Why do you do yoga? Is it changing your life? Are you committed to change?”

On our yoga journey, may we all inspire, uplift, be a blessing, and bring hope and love to the world around us!

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.” –Goethe

They Say Time Heals….

The Operating Room….

It is nearly 11:00 a.m., my eyes fixed on the clock up on the wall. As I lie there on the starched bed, hospital gown wrapped around me, a heated blanket placed over me, my back aching from the angle of the bed, the female nurse standing over my left side, searching my arm for just the right vein to insert the needle for IV attachment….. I remind myself to stay calm. Don’t panic. Just breathe. “Practice your yoga breathing,” my husband is saying to me as he stands at my right side, holding my hand as I squeeze his. He is good at keeping the atmosphere light and the hospital staff entertained as he continues telling stories about his ventures as a medic back in the day. I know the nurse didn’t mean to push the needle all the way through my vein in my forearm, as I yelp out in pain. She apologizes, asking the male nurse to have a stab at my arm. I am dehydrated, over 12 hours since I last ate or drank anything. The veins in my arm still obvious but lacking luster. I brace myself for the pain that I now know is coming, staring off into the distance to keep my wits about me. My jaw clenched so tight, reminding myself I have to relax. I feel a terrible stab at my wrist. “Sorry,” he says, “I have to pull it back out.” “Not again,” I moan, as he taps around, joking that this is the most pain I’ll feel today, I’ll be put to sleep for the surgery.

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Living Yoga Every Day

Yogi Book Club, All Welcome!!!

Want to find your True North with a great group of individuals?

Discover your destiny, make your dreams and passions a reality, be encouraged by like-minded individuals, build new friendships, celebrate life, and feel more empowered to be true to yourself on your journey of life as we delve into “Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self,” this winter season! I invite you with all my heart to settle in to the joys of sharing this book together as it guides us collectively and individually on our journey of life.

Our Yoga classes are sprinkled with just enough yoga philosophy, teachings, breathing techniques, and poses to keep us curious, wanting more, and gaining new insights in every class. But, if you are wanting to delve in just a bit deeper, this book club is for you.

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