Life…..Death…..Everlasting Life. A Tribute to my Grandmother.

There are so many polar opposites, so many opposing forces in this life. It amazes me to watch nature as it flourishes with patience, constancy, and little struggle yet it thrives in majesty, in glory, and in so much beauty.

Nature, surrounds us all with calm, the sounds of nature designed to gift us with moments in time to slow our pace long enough to look at what is important. To ponder…. How fully are we living our life? Is it full of chaos and strife? Is it full of a lackadaisical attitude? Or is it full of purpose in the heart? Focus in the vision? Calm among the chaos? Are we full of self? Full of joy? Filled with grief, anxiety, or sorrow? Are we full of life so much so that we can share our self with others?

My Grandmother, a woman who shared all of who she was with others. Always had time to talk, to listen, to make you laugh, to reach out to those, others walked away from. She wrote books, studied maps, knew Yellowstone inside and out, studied every constellation and the journey of the Bible as it relates to the stars. She took great care of her six children and their families. She took care of Grandpa, keeping him on his toes with her enthusiasm, her vivacious personality, and keeping him updated on her latest ventures as he sat quietly in his chair, book in hand.

Grandmother passed on to glory, but her Spirit lives on! This side of Heaven my heart aches along with many others…….But never have I heard a woman talk about Heaven and eternity more than my Grandmother!! Thanks to her descriptions of Heaven and Hell when I was 5 years old, I determined I had better ask Jesus into my heart!!!

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The Measure of Success

Reporting on the Hummingbird Yoga Open House/Meet and Greet!

How does modern society tend to measure success? By numbers, large amounts of money, appearances, what we drive, good looks, the “perfect body,” the “right” career path, athleticism, ideal style, the list goes on……this is all good in and of itself, but just a bit deeper than the surface, rests the heart of the matter.

Happy place, on my paddleboard, on the Teton River.  Clothing by, Om Shanti Clothing Co.  “Hearts in the Sand”.  Photo by my amazing husband, Fred Graupner.

A very sweet memory for me was a day in a yoga class when the instructor said,      “Live from the heart unapologetically.” I had never heard this quote before, and was so touched by it that I painted it on art paper and hung it up in my room that very afternoon, where it remains to this day.

Hummingbird Yoga had a successful Open House March 16, 2018. An eventful evening of introducing the vision of a studio that supports every walk of life. And introducing the hope of creating a total Wellness Center for our beautiful Teton Valley. As many from the community entered the studio space, it was a joy to embrace each guest with a hug, a supportive smile, and a listening ear. The wonderful sound of many meeting for the first time, friends reconnecting, health practitioners sharing their work and line of expertise. Discussions of hope, vision for positive change, restoration, passion for life, sharing life stories, encouraging and supporting one another.

The guests were invited to create a hot drink from the Hot Chocolate Bar, or sip on any choice of wine, while enjoying different dishes brought by guests. Raffle tickets were available for purchase supporting this month’s non-profit, the Driggs Head Start, and in purchasing additional supplies for the studio. Each participant hopeful of winning any one of the 22 prizes offered from local businesses to support Hummingbird Yoga Studio. Individuals were invited to take a walk through the expansive building to have a greater idea of the Wellness Center vision.  In the mix of events, monthly weekend workshops will be offered in the near future from an array of different presenters, yoga classes offered with further instruction and alignment, a place for growth and new knowledge.

The community is encouraged to come on board with their private practice as a health and wellness practitioner, offering services in any way they feel lead through renting an office, shared space, and/or taking part in weekend wellness workshops each month.  There is interest as well from locals in filling the retail space with their handmade products, jewelry, gift boxes, yoga apparel, local designs, art, and photography.  

It is wonderful to present to you our current on-going lineup of individuals from our community offering their support, wisdom, love of their practice, and bringing it all together under one roof.

*Lori Lloyd , L.AC., MSOM – Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Chinese Herbal Medicine, .  *Dr. Chris Heilman – PhD, ATC, CSCS, mind-set coaching.  *Lou Fiebranz – Certified Massage Therapist.  *Jared Power – The BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapist, RCST and Certified Structural Integration Practitioner, .   *Ticia Sheets – Certified Rolf Method of Structural Integration, .  *Penny Murray – Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Gratitude Gift Boxes.  *Sara White and Amy Herzog – Certified Child, Adolescent, Family, and Individual Counselors.  *Suzanne Leusch – Ayurveda Practitioner. *Adam Williamson – Chairman of Mental Health Coalition.  *Our Yoga instructors:  Ruth Graupner, Bria Gillespie, Niki Markoff, Emily Bedell, and Jen Werlin.  Along with a number of other yoga instructors coming on board this summer.  Many have expressed interest in the vision of a wellness center for Teton Valley.  We have a large retail space available as well.   We would love to see the Wellness Center take root by May 1, 2018.

Success to me is found deep in the truth of self, a life lead by the beating heart, a mind free to live fully, moments of reflection, the desire to always change, to grow, and learn from others. Listening to the vibration and rhythms your soul creates, living “free to be me,” honoring time for self-care. When we live within the structure and confines that we are labeled with, we miss out on all that this journey of life has to offer for the success of self and others.

The Hummingbird Yoga Open House, a successful night to be cherished in the heart of each guest. The buzz of excitement for potential change filling the room, gifting all with a place to heal from the inside out, from the heart, the body, the mind, and the depths of the soul. We are all so magnificently and wonderfully made, we all have talents yet to be discovered as we tune into the divine nature of self. As we discover our purpose we begin to have eyes unveiled to the perfection of the heart beat in others. Helping lead others to discover their highest potential, and then together creating change for the good of community. Restoring, forgiving, loving, trusting, creating together what we want to see in our life, family, home, community, nation, and the world.

Life is but a breath, we may have months or years on this earth, our days numbered. Are we living fully? Do we cherish one another? Are we stepping into our fullest potential? Are we leading with our heart? Do we forgive self and others? How do we live in peace? Is there a smile or hug for those who need love at just the moment you pass by? Are we aware of others’ needs? Do we take time for those we love?

On behalf of Hummingbird Yoga Studio, I want to express a huge heartfelt thank you to all who have been a part of the successful journey!! We have only just begun as we each discover our highest potential, our capabilities and abilities, what brings a smile to our face, and what in a day reminds us that we are each successful! You are a masterpiece!! Each of us perfectly crafted and loved deeply by the Creator. For me, therein lies the true measure of success.

The Benefits of Hot Yoga are Many!

Hot Yoga in Teton Valley!! What could be better for a cold, long winter, than a break in the weather with a hot cup of tea, a long nap by the fire, sleeping……cozy under down comforters, or a long hot bath to ease the body through the winter months, or trying what is new in town, HOT YOGA!

My Happy Place while in a Hot Yoga class.  Yoga on the golf green in Hawaii.

With dark, shortened days, and temperatures below zero through the night, the mind in hibernation mode, at times feeling a bit depressed from the seemingly never ending whiteness and gray days.  Maybe you have the opportunity to escape for a week to a tropical location, maybe you end up in counseling each week to get yourself through the winter, maybe you are up on the slopes every day and fully embrace winter and all that it has to offer!  Or maybe, the sun finally arose in full glory, the clouds have melted away and the sky is that brilliant summer blue we are all longing for!

Hot Yoga to soothe the body from the inside out!

No matter your winter highs or lows, there is no better place to be than trying out a Hot Yoga class at Hummingbird Yoga. 

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Olympic Achievement Starts With a Dream!

I have been dreaming big and setting goals, achieving all I set my mind to, aiming high, and living life fully since I was a young girl.

I grew up in gorgeous Teton Valley, once a small farming community, now a tourist destination.  I was raised on a farm, learning the significance of hard work.  My parents moved us off the farm to town, where they purchased the Pines Motel, from my grandparents, when I was 11 years old.  We rarely watched television growing up, but we were always sure to watch the Olympics!

I have always loved watching the Olympics!  I was the girl watching the winter or summer Olympics, dreaming that it was me up there on the podium.  There has always been this strong drive in me to work hard, to do my very best, to live fully, strongly competitive with myself, and never giving up on anything.  I have always loved helping others succeed and do their best as well, feeling just as excited with their success as with my own.

I would watch those amazing athletes competing in the Olympics every 2 years!  Then, there I would be, outside training to be an Olympic track star, a sprinter, running the mile, the two mile, jumping the hurdles, lifting weights, running in 5 degrees below zero, running with my heavy winter boots on and carrying weights, watching all of the Rocky movies to stay motivated when the Olympics were over, doing fitness videos at age 11, early in the mornings before the rest of my family of 8 was even awake.

I loved team sports, competing on the basketball team, volleyball team, running track since 6th grade, running cross-country, on the cheer squad, gymnastics, ice skating on the pond my dad made on the south side of our house each winter, learning to ski at Grand Targhee and then racing my little heart out in the school events. Completing all highest awards in 12 years of Girl Scouting, and in 4-H for years, winning medals, grand champion ribbons, and trophies.

My Favorite Olympic Athlete, Flo Jo!!

A few highlights in my life were getting the opportunity to meet some of my favorite Olympic athletes, Gail Devers, Flo Jo (Florence Griffeth Joyner), Jackie Joyner Kersey, and Stacy Dragila (my University track coach), to name a few.  At the age of 15, I was chosen for a Wider Opportunity, to represent Idaho as a Girl Scout.  One scout was chosen from each state to represent their own state in Atlanta, Georgia.  I got the thrill of my life flying to Atlanta, Georgia, in June 1995, for a sneak peak of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  All 50 scouts were there for 15 days, touring each Olympic venue, meeting more Olympic athletes, participating in Olympic events.

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Success begins with a Dream!! Never stop dreaming!!

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