Sunflower Glory….

While in India, nothing stood out to me more than the glorious sunflower fields. Symbolizing adoration, loyalty, faith, and longevity, each petal a “ray” of sunshine. They are recognized for their sunny charm and delightful disposition.

Early this spring I spent an afternoon planting sunflower seeds with my daughter. Her little hands working each seed into the soil, in hopes for a sprout. Much to our delight, the little seeds started the life process. Healthy soil, lots of rain water, and sunshine. The ingredients so necessary to sustain life.

The sunflowers grew rapidly in the summer sunshine, their brilliant petals reaching towards the heavens. Daily the sunflowers brought a smile to those passing by.

The leaves on the aspens have begun to change, turning into a golden glow. The other flowers fading, ready to sleep through the winter months to come. But, through the cold, snow, hail, and wind the lovely sunflowers in our gardens have continued in their warmth and beauty.

As in our own life, we can choose to maintain our glorious, God-given glow through the ever changing seasons. Beaming our truth, warmth, love, light and “rays” of hope to those that travel through our garden path.

Chasing Rainbows..

Have you ever chased a rainbow? I have spent my life chasing rainbows! Now that I have children of my own, I am instilling in them the desire to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Rainbow….it means so much more!

It was a brilliant storm, a massive double rainbow arcing gracefully through the sky. We were driving directly into the moving storm.

“Mommy, can we chase the rainbow?”

“Is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?”

“Can we slide down the rainbow?”

Came the curious questions of three little minds.

“Let’s find out!” I replied, eager to join in the mystery.

We didn’t take our eyes from the suspended beauty! As we drove closer, it seemed to race in front of us. At last, we came to the rainbows end! Shimmering silver grain silos, and the double rainbow pressing down into a massive golden wheat field.

We found our pot of gold, alright!! Spending a few extra moments in time together, chasing down a rainbow! Filling us with awe. Love, like liquid gold, passing between us. For in this moment…..a memory was created in three little minds….a golden drop of time allowing us to bond, to live, Chasing Rainbows.

In The Moment…

How much is missed on dwellings of past, worries of future? Living in this very moment, noticing, breathing, watchful eyes gazing up at the glorious expansive sky. Brilliant blue, fluffy whites, black wings, further down the horizon a rainbow of color in the trees as the season changes. Breathe in your beauty, your surroundings! Exhale your beauty, share this moment with your surroundings. What do you see? What do your hear? What are you touching, tasting? How are you feeling? Take a moment to live in this moment.

Just Breathe……

We live, rush about, fast pace, always moving. Our one constant, the breath. The hummingbird, always flitting about, seeking nectar to nurture the 3-5 years of life it is given.  Do we seek to nurture our life, drinking in the sweet nectar of experience?  Always growing, changing, strengthened by our challenges?  Our breath becomes shallow, short, high in our chest.  Stop, listen, breathe slowly, nurture your one life with the one constant you have been given.  Just Breathe!


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