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Life…..Death…..Everlasting Life. A Tribute to my Grandmother.

There are so many polar opposites, so many opposing forces in this life. It amazes me to watch nature as it flourishes with patience, constancy, and little struggle yet it thrives in majesty, in glory, and in so much beauty. Nature, surrounds us all… Continue Reading “Life…..Death…..Everlasting Life. A Tribute to my Grandmother.”

The Measure of Success

Reporting on the Hummingbird Yoga Open House/Meet and Greet! How does modern society tend to measure success? By numbers, large amounts of money, appearances, what we drive, good looks, the “perfect body,” the “right” career path, athleticism, ideal style, the list goes on……this is… Continue Reading “The Measure of Success”

Olympic Achievement Starts With a Dream!

I have been dreaming big and setting goals, achieving all I set my mind to, aiming high, and living life fully since I was a young girl. I grew up in gorgeous Teton Valley, once a small farming community, now a tourist destination.  I… Continue Reading “Olympic Achievement Starts With a Dream!”

The Purest Air

Never have I loved a breath more, none comparably so pure as the first inhale after stepping onto the earth after a flight from Sydney, Australia, landing in Hobart, Tasmania. The purest air I ever breathed, marvelous fresh air that when inhaled made me… Continue Reading “The Purest Air”

What is your destiny….?

Start the day with a nourishing breath…..inhale…..exhale….. You were born beautiful! Born with a purpose! You are on this journey called life, the world at your fingertips. An extravagant butterfly by day. A Sleeping beauty by night, resting the mind, the body, the spirit.… Continue Reading “What is your destiny….?”

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