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Olympic Achievement Starts With a Dream!

I have been dreaming big and setting goals, achieving all I set my mind to, aiming high, and living life fully since I was a young girl. I grew up in gorgeous Teton Valley, once a small farming community, now a tourist destination.  I… Continue Reading “Olympic Achievement Starts With a Dream!”

Success begins with a Dream!! Never stop dreaming!!

The Purest Air

Never have I loved a breath more, none comparably so pure as the first inhale after stepping onto the earth after a flight from Sydney, Australia, landing in Hobart, Tasmania. The purest air I ever breathed, marvelous fresh air that when inhaled made me… Continue Reading “The Purest Air”

Teaching Yoga to Children With Special Needs

A look inside a yoga classroom from a new perspective. Have you ever heard a child laugh so hard from the core of their entire being?  And then you had to start in, laughing right along with them? Then, loving to hear their laughter… Continue Reading “Teaching Yoga to Children With Special Needs”

Why I Love Teaching Yoga

Purpose behind my love of gifting others with yoga. Photo Description:  My wheel pose (Eka Pada Chakrasana) on my paddle board. Continuation from blog post “The Joys of Teaching Yoga” Reason #2: Bestowing a gift, a blessing of self-compassion. Have you ever experienced a yoga… Continue Reading “Why I Love Teaching Yoga”

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