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The Purest Air

Never have I loved a breath more, none comparably so pure as the first inhale after stepping onto the earth after a flight from Sydney, Australia, landing in Hobart, Tasmania. The purest air I ever breathed, marvelous fresh air that when inhaled made me… Continue Reading “The Purest Air”


Be Strong, live extravagantly, embrace all life throws your way, grow fully through the challenges, laugh til your sides hurt, love deeply, show compassion, honor self, find passions, pursue integrity, walk with confidence, never look back, live presently!! You be the sky and everything… Continue Reading “LIVE STRONG”

Checking In

Always good to check in with our percentages! Stay strong and steady through the journey of life and the rocky mountains, bumpy roads, winding paths, and beautiful meadows in this life will become your teacher! All of humanity is on a journey of self-discovery.… Continue Reading “Checking In”


If you do anything out of sheer compassion, you will never be wrong.

Fall In a Cup: Apple Cider

Apple Cider! A homemade fall blend. Perfect for a cold winter day, in your cozy chair, a great book or visiting with friends.

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