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Benefits of Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations bring great focus, healing breath, movement that flows, a calm to the mind before starting your day. Gradually work up to doing one more complete cycle each day. You can change up the poses you use in your sun salutations as well.… Continue Reading “Benefits of Sun Salutations”

Teaching Yoga to Children With Special Needs

A look inside a yoga classroom from a new perspective. Have you ever heard a child laugh so hard from the core of their entire being?  And then you had to start in, laughing right along with them? Then, loving to hear their laughter… Continue Reading “Teaching Yoga to Children With Special Needs”

What is your destiny….?

Start the day with a nourishing breath…..inhale…..exhale….. You were born beautiful! Born with a purpose! You are on this journey called life, the world at your fingertips. An extravagant butterfly by day. A Sleeping beauty by night, resting the mind, the body, the spirit.… Continue Reading “What is your destiny….?”


Peace…. Peaceful…. Peacemaker…. Peacemaking…. Peace filled…. Peacefulness…. Peace of mind…. What is peace?   Peace….A sense of calm in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul….Although all the world around you may be chaotic, busy, noisy, and racing about. Peace…..Steady like the… Continue Reading “PEACE…….”

Comfy, Cozy, Colorful

The leaves change into brilliant hues, the morning air so crisp, the beautiful sunrise awakening the earth, the stream of steam from my hot spiced tea joining the atmosphere. This is the time of year for comfy clothes, cozy blankets, good books, hot drinks,… Continue Reading “Comfy, Cozy, Colorful”

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