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Christmas Child, I Love You!

Christmas child, I love you. The smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye. Watching you roll out sugar cookies to be baked as gifts for others to enjoy. As you kneel beside the Christmas tree, sorting out the gifts, making sure no… Continue Reading “Christmas Child, I Love You!”

Left out in the cold

A short story of hope to bless your heart this day of Thanksgiving!      Standing out in the bitter cold looking in, the little orphan boy longed for a place to call home, for a family to love him, for a mommy to… Continue Reading “Left out in the cold”

Levitating Between Heaven and Earth

Experiencing Heated Flow Yoga in a community setting becomes a healing balm for all.  It is a chilly, blustery, Friday evening in November, rain drizzling down the windows of Hummingbird Yoga Studio, the time registering 5:26 pm.  A few last vehicles pulling up outside… Continue Reading “Levitating Between Heaven and Earth”

Life…..Death…..Everlasting Life. A Tribute to my Grandmother.

There are so many polar opposites, so many opposing forces in this life. It amazes me to watch nature as it flourishes with patience, constancy, and little struggle yet it thrives in majesty, in glory, and in so much beauty. Nature, surrounds us all… Continue Reading “Life…..Death…..Everlasting Life. A Tribute to my Grandmother.”

The Benefits of Hot Yoga are Many!

Hot Yoga in Teton Valley!! What could be better for a cold, long winter, than a break in the weather with a hot cup of tea, a long nap by the fire, sleeping……cozy under down comforters, or a long hot bath to ease the body… Continue Reading “The Benefits of Hot Yoga are Many!”

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