Class Schedule/ Descriptions

Hummingbird Yoga General Schedule for February 1 – June 1, 2018

Hummingbird Yoga Happenings

HBYoga is excited to announce that in meeting the needs of the community, we now have a Hot Yoga class each Tuesday at 4:30-5:45 pm, instructor, Bria.  Gentle Flow/Restorative taught each Thursday 4:00-5:00 pm, instructor Emily Bedell.  Thursday, Heated Hatha/Vinyasa Fusion time changed to 7:00-8:00 am, instructor, Bria.  Heated Vinyasa Flow time change to 5:45-6:45 pm, instructor, Niki.  Starting April 5, Meditation for Stress Reduction 5:00-6:15 pm, taught by Lori Lloyd. All in addition to the schedule below!!!  Come and check us out, and bring a friend.  For every punch card purchased, HBYoga will give you a free pass for a friend.

Our Instructors:

Ruth Graupner, Founder

Ruth and her husband, Fred, have five children.  Fred is a wonderful support and encouragement to all of Ruth’s ventures in life.  Ruth grew up in the beautiful Teton Valley and has been enjoying the benefits of yoga for ten years. A 200-hr-RYT through Yoga Alliance, and an ambassador for Roots Tribe Yoga. The last three years she has been volunteering in the public schools, bringing her love of yoga to grades pre-K – High School. Ruth recently received a grant, offering income for her volunteer hours in the schools.  She enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow and practicing Ashtanga Yoga, bringing the gift of calm to her day through raising 5 children. Ruth teaches with a dedication to alignment, a compassionate heart, overflowing exuberance, and the desire to empower others to step into their highest potential with grace. Her own practice has become her backbone through discovering the joy and art of teaching yoga combining enthusiasm for life, and the nourishment of the breath for beginners, athletes, elderly, pre-natal, mommy/baby, and kids of all ages.

Niki Markoff

Niki and her husband Alex, have four children and together run a youth camp in Maryland.  Niki loves Teton Valley and is an absolute gem to add to the staff of Hummingbird Yoga.  Niki discovered yoga in 2008 when a friend gifted her an introductory week of unlimited yoga at a local Bikram studio. After one class, all the aches and pains from years of competitive sports disappeared and she was hooked. Her love of yoga has evolved from not just an appreciation of the physical benefits but to a transformation of the mind and spirit as well. Niki uses verbal cues and hands on adjustments to create a challenging and safe environment for all levels of student. Niki has taught yogis of all ages on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea, on the beaches of Costa Rica, on playing fields at her hometown high school, on the city streets of Frederick Maryland and in the woods overlooking the Potomac River. She and her family recently moved to Driggs and she is looking forward to making yoga a bigger part of the Teton Valley community.  Niki is certified through Yoga Allinace, with a 200 hour RYT.

Bria Gillespie

Bria is a positive, uplifting, delightful woman!  A fantastic addition to the Hummingbird Yoga staff.  She completed her 200 hour YTT in Missoula Montana in 2017, with Sarva Rasa Yoga, and has been interning with them since then. As part of her internship, Bria has acted as an assistant educator and mentor to teacher trainees at two 200hr trainings where she taught classes as well as helped trainees build confidence while teaching, refine their cues, conduct pose studies, and understand anatomy as it pertains to yoga. Her yoga training is primarily in alignment based Vinyasa and Hatha yoga with major emphasis placed on anatomically correct cueing, safe sequencing and yogic philosophy. Academically, Bria has a strong background in anatomy and physiology, with a love of incorporating aspects of that into her yoga classes.

Emily Bedell

     Emily began her personal yoga practice 16 years ago as a competitive dancer in high school.  She was immediately drawn to the exploration of physical movement.  She found yoga to be just like dancing.  In 2007, Emily moved to Jackson to teach at a special needs school where she met my husband, Nick.  In 2014, they married in front of Mormon Row in Grand Teton Park.  They decided to call the Tetons their home and moved to Victor.  Shortly after moving, she found her dream job as a kindergarten teacher.   As Emily’s yoga practice deepened throughout the years, so did my desire to learn more.  She studied at the Teton Yoga Shala in Wilson, and received her 200 hour certificate in Ashtanga.  She enjoys sharing yoga and since has started a free yoga program for teachers in the school district.  Being a kindergarten teacher and having studied yoga for more than a decade led her to begin her children’s yoga certification in the spring of 2017.  Emily teaches family yoga and children’s yoga, ages crawling – teens, as well as adults.  My children’s yoga program includes the fundamentals of yoga (breath, poses, meditation, and relaxation) with original music and games that are developmentally appropriate.  On her down time, Emily likes to practice yoga, ski, cross-country ski, mountain bike, paddle board, and read.  Come enjoy a class each with with the beauty, and energy that Emily has to offer.

Lori Lloyd

Lori Lloyd and her husband, Ryan, have moved to Teton Valley, for the beauty and the blessing of small community.  Lori is a Chinese Medicine practitioner in Driggs, who specializes in the treatment of stress disorders, including anxiety, depression and insomnia. She has studied meditation with many disciplines including Buddhism, Ayurvedic, and other mindful practices.  Her work through Neuro Emotional Technique and acupuncture are in incredible asset to Teton Valley.   Lori is looking forward to sharing her gifts at Hummingbird Yoga in the near future, teaching meditation classes for stress reduction.  It is an absolute privilege to have her support and her talents.

Erica Black

Erica is bubbling over with joy and a terrific smile every time you see her.  She works through the day at the Driggs Elementary School as a counselor.  Hummingbird Yoga is happy to have her bring her enthusiasm to the studio!  She has been married to her wonderful husband, Troy Black, for 18 years and together have 3 children.  Erica started her Jazzercise journey 13 years ago when she was 26, overweight, depressed, and had high cholesterol.  Her doctor suggested that she find an aerobics class to help lower her cholesterol, lose weight, and overall help her to feel better.  Erica went to her local community center and found Jazzercise, remembering that this was an activity her mom did when Erica was younger.  She tried her first class and was hooked.  June 2010, Erica took a leap of faith and got certified as an instructor.  She is now on her eighth year of teaching and still loving it as much as she did when she stepped into her first Jazzercise class.

Katie Lerwill

Katie started Jazzercising back in Wisconsin in 2012. After moving to Teton Valley, she was very excited to re-discover Jazzercise!  After attending classes for one year, she decided to become an instructor in 2017 and has been loving it!   Katie and her husband, Justin, got married last year.  They enjoy horseback riding and hunting in their free time.  When Katie isn’t teaching Jazzercise or riding, she’s working at her day job as a Veterinary Technician.  Katie loves Jazzercise for the high energy class atmosphere and for the friendships she has made!  Come participate in class with the energy and enthusiasm that Katie brings!

Class Descriptions: 


Heated Yoga:  Known as “Hot Yoga” is a class dedicated to heating up the body from the inside out with the breath and movement, as well as the room temperature set around 90’F and the humidity level at 50%.  Combining the practice of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga, focusing on proper alignment and synchronizing breath with movement. Your organs, muscles, heart, and skin will love you for stepping into one of these popular classes.  Perfect for sweating and detoxing on a winter evening.  Come in out of the cold, or after a fantastic day on the ski hill and enjoy the benefits of Hot Yoga.

Anusara Yoga:  A heart opening practice. Welcome your day energized with an open mind and welcome to new possibilities. Focus is on attitude and alignment through movement and breath. This class is open to all levels of students with accommodations offered.

Yoga Flow:  Also known as Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  This class is designed for the flow of movement to be carried out by the keen awareness of the breath.  You will discover the healing art of the breath as we experiment with our postures (asanas), linking breath (pranayama) and movement (vinyasa).  Making a nourishing connection of mind, body, and spirit through each inhalation and exhalation. Ending with time for  relaxation, absorbing the work, and resting the mind.

Kids/Moms:  This 45 minute class is designed to create a wonderful way for children and adults alike to explore body, heart, and mind.  It also provides resources needed to lead a happier, healthier life in the workplace, at school, at home and with friends.  This class will include breath awareness, stability, balance, alignment, partner poses, creativity and ends with relaxation.  This is not about making the pose perfect, but enjoying the process of the practice along the way. Modeling the class structure of Roots Tribe Yoga.

Teens:  Parents invited.  This class is geared toward empowering youth to walk in their true north, to build confidence, to reach their fullest potential.  To nurture a sense of empowerment, compassion and interconnectedness.  To provide students with the skills and tools they need to create the changes they wish to see within their lives and communities.  Modeling a class structure based on my training through Roots Tribe Yoga.

Empowering Women to Rise:  This yoga class is dedicated to women who have experienced any type of abuse, domestic violence, rape, or self-harm.  A class designed by Hummingbird Yoga through my own life experiences.  A time to allow healing from the inside out.  A time to express oneself through observation, taking part, resting quietly and being held in the awareness of community.  This class dedicates the last 15 minutes to open discussion, a time to build one another up, support the group as a whole, and find strength from the paths of others.  Family Safety Network is gifting women with this one hour class.  You may receive free passes to the class from the local FSN, located at:  120 N. 1st St. Driggs, 208-354-8058.

Gentle Yoga:  A restful, calming class including breathing, gentle flowing movements, passive and supported poses.  With dedication to increase body awareness, strength, balance, and flexibility. Learning mindfulness practices to help reduce stress and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.  This is a perfect beginning yoga class that is also appropriate for those working with injury, limited mobility, pre-and post-natal, and for those who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga.

Gentle Flow/Restorative:  This class is a slow paced flow focusing on letting go of the day’s hard work.  The class will be both vinyasa and restorative by warming up the body and working through asanas (poses) for the first thirty minutes, followed by restorative poses during the second half of the class.   Come unwind and let go, deepen the breath and relax.  You’ll be blissed out for the rest of the afternoon.  The temperature of the room is heated, with an elevated humidity level perfect for detoxing after a long day.

Yoga for Core Strength:  The method used is in this class is Ashtanga yoga, an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility, and stamina for a complete practice.  This class is designed to strengthen the core, improve balance and posture, increase coordination, gain flexibility, and reduce stress.  Every exercise is performed with attention to breath, proper form, and efficient movement patterns.  The class is dedicated to helping you maintain strength in the lower back, abdominal region, glutes, and hips – all to improve your ability to stabilize your spine.  This core-focused workout includes isometric holds as well as some repetition, with direction for proper alignment. Ending with a time of relaxation.

Yoga levels 1 & 2:  This class is designed to improve posture, energy levels, balance, flexibility, and strength.  It has the intention to help you relax the mind, calm mental fluctuations, open the heart, lift your spirit, boost metabolism, and gain a stronger mind/body connection.  This practice will teach the art of patience through breath control and body alignment while you hold more challenging poses.  The session ends with time to relax, rest in the moment, and enjoy the effort you made for yourself.  Level one will be given the option of basic or intermediate form.

Meditation for Stress Reduction:  This is a beginners meditation class, although anyone is welcome to attend even if you already have a meditation practice. In this class, we will demystify what meditation is, the different types of meditation and how it can fit in to your life where you actually look forward to doing it. We will also discuss the different stress triggers in life and some tools to best deal with that. This will be an experimental class so please bring a mat, cushion or low chair so you will be comfortable.


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