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  • Drop in price $15
  • 20 punch card $200
  • 10 punch card $120
  • 5 punch card $65
  • Private Individual Class: 1 participant, $60 for 60 minutes or $75 for 90 minutes
  • Private Group Class: 2-9 participants, $100 for 60 minutes, $125 for 90 minutes
  • Private Group Class: 10 participants, $120 for 60 minutes or $180 for 90 minutes, plus $5 per participant over 10 participants. Location, AmericInn Lodge Conference Room, Rexburg. Or location of your choice.

Private Yoga for ages 5 – Youth with Special Needs/Abilities

  • Focus on body & breath awareness, anxiety/depression, trauma, PTSD and mindfulness.
  • Accompanied by parent or guardian.
  • $60 per 60 minute session plus $10 per additional participant in attendance
  • $40 per 30 minute session plus $10 per additional participant in attendance

To book your yoga session contact:

  • `Ruth Nielson 208-252-1798

Depending on your need, choose from the following:

  • ABC, Fundamentals of Yoga
  • Adaptive Yoga (Chair and Props)
  • Aqua Yoga for Therapeutic Needs ( Rexburg Rehabilitation Pool, Saturdays only)
  • Mommy/Baby Yoga
  • Hot Yoga (BodiFi Gym on Fridays, 9:00-10:00 am) Free for members, $5 for guests.
  • Paddleboard Yoga (Jefferson Lake, Rigby, ID) Price dependent on individual session.
  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga for Athletes/School Sports Teams
  • Yoga Flow
  • Yoga for Golfers
  • Yoga for Kids/Youth
  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain
  • Yoga for Private Events (Bridal Showers, Church Groups, Family Reunions etc.)
  • Yoga Sculpt (Power Yoga)
  • Yoga for Staff Events
  • Yoga for Trauma & PTSD

ABC, Fundamentals of Yoga

ABC Fundamentals of Yoga: Are you wanting to get back to the basics of your yoga practice? Or are you new to yoga and curious, wanting to discover what yoga is all about? This class cultivates an atmosphere of personal growth, self-acceptance, and non-judgment, allowing participants to identify with yoga in ways meaningful to them in both their practice and as part of the yoga community. Each class will include stretching, breath awareness, yoga postures, and relaxation. No previous yoga experience required.

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga: Adaptive yoga tailors the instruction and practice of yoga to an individual’s needs in a safe, comfortable, practical manner. The point is that yoga is accessible to everyone’s body at every moment. Yoga asks you to start where you are, and that is different for everybody. Yoga requires you to be mindful of your body and the present moment; this mindfulness allows you to ascertain that starting point with compassion and kindness toward yourself. Props are encouraged, and using your breath is mandatory. Be kind to yourself and be exactly where you are. The goal is not to assume the perfect magazine cover pose; it is to do what you can and what feels right in the moment.

Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga: is a low-impact aquatic exercise, performing yoga poses in water. Aqua Yoga poses help you develop strength, static balance, and increases range of motion with little to no impact on joints, especially knees, hips, and ankles. No yoga experience is necessary. Great for therapeutic needs. Held on Saturdays at the Rexburg Rehabilitation Center.

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Mommy & Baby Yoga: A lighthearted and fun class that is modified for the new mom with baby in tow. This class allows you to take care of your own needs and be an attentive mom at the same time. The class teaches active breathing and safe lifting of your little one to help protect your spine and pelvic floor while you recover from childbirth. This class also teaches massage techniques for you to help calm your little one.

Paddleboard Yoga

Paddleboard Yoga: If you’re a yoga enthusiast who loves being near the water, you may want to look into SUP (stand-up paddleboard) yoga, which is a combination of paddleboarding and yoga in one. This popular yoga session is designed to challenge your strength and balance as you float across the water. Yoga sessions are held at the Jefferson County Lake, Rigby, Idaho.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Pre & Postnatal Yoga: This class provides a way to maintain a healthy mind and body both in the pre- and postnatal stages.  This practice focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength, mobility and flexibility.  It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor.  This class is also designed to strengthen the pelvic bowl and restore the body, and gently draw strength to the abdominal region, postnatal.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga: This is a restful, calming class including breathing techniques, poses supported with yoga blocks, straps, blankets, and bolster. With dedication to increase body awareness, rest, balance through the Chakras, and mindfulness. Restorative yoga helps to reduce stress and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. This is a perfect beginning yoga class that is also appropriate for those working with injury, limited mobility, pre-and post-natal, and for those who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga. With guidance through imagery and reflection. Please have a water bottle, yoga mat, a blanket, yoga blocks, a strap and bolster.

Yoga Flow

Flow Yoga: A mixture of meditation, breath-work and energizing movement. This class begins with gentler movements to warm up the body, then move into progressively more challenging flowing sequences. These may include standing poses, balances, inversions and peak poses. A rejuvenating class with close connection to the breath on the movement in the moment.

Yoga For Golfers

Yoga For Golfers: A yoga sequence that is taught to help you improve your game and find balance in both the mind, body and breath. Find core stability to increase your golf swing, increase range of motion, build awareness of muscular imbalances, and prevent injury.

Yoga For Kids/Youth

Yoga for Kids/Youth: This class focuses on the needs of the individual as a whole. Teaching emotional balance, awareness of personal needs, the benefits of yoga and meditation, and when/how to incorporate it into their own lives. The class teaches basic yoga poses or restorative yoga as needed, breathing techniques, and basic meditation practices for self-regulation to calm the mind and body. Kids will be educated on appropriate times and ways that they can incorporate these practices in their own lives.

Yoga Sculpt (Power Yoga)

Yoga Sculpt: An energizing, challenging and powerful class that will leave you feeling rinsed and revitalized. This class is designed to improve posture, energy levels, balance, flexibility, and strength. It has the intention to help you relax the mind, calm mental fluctuations, open the heart, lift your spirit, boost metabolism, and gain a stronger mind/body connection. This practice will teach the art of patience through breath control and body alignment while you hold more challenging poses. The session ends with time to relax, rest in the moment and enjoy the effort you made for yourself. Each class develops from previous classes to graduate to more challenging poses. Please have a water bottle, yoga mat, yoga blocks, light weights if you would like to use them. A blanket, strap, and bolster may come in handy.

Yoga For Trauma & PTSD

Yoga for Trauma & PTSD: Yoga can be such an efficacious treatment for PTSD because it works with both the mind and the body, while also helping to forge a sense of safe community from which individuals can draw comfort and support. Yoga for the care of trauma can be a valuable part of a person’s medical care – as well as a self-care tool they can fall back on in their own time. 

By combining a knowledge of the neuroscience, psychology and physiology of trauma with yogic techniques, this class can gently guide PTSD sufferers towards recovery in an informed and safe way. Yoga for trauma is an additional tool of a wider treatment plan and can aid individuals to engage more fully with their counseling or other treatments. 

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Adaptive Yoga for all ability levels. All you will need is a chair and any props you may want.

Adaptive Yoga

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  1. Is there a fee schedule for Hummingbird Yoga?

  2. Hi Gretchen. $15 drop in. There are also 5, 10, 15, and 20 punch cards available. As well as specials and a $5 class per week . 🙏🏻

  3. Hi! I’m in from out of town and wanted to check to see if the Saturday morning class (9/1) will still be 9-10:30am. Look forward to coming for a drop-in!


  4. Yes!! Our new Fall schedule comes out on Sept 2!! I look forward to meeting you and sharing in yoga practice this Saturday at 9 am! Come a few minutes early to fill out waiver. I have all equipment. Just bring a hot yoga towel, and water bottle. I have yoga towels for sale as well. 🌹 Ruth

  5. Hello is there a way to sign up online, I looked on the mind and body app but could not find the studio.

    thank you

  6. Hi Mary, thank you for checking in with Hummingbird Studio. I hope I answered your questions via email. Let me know if I can help in any other way. Ruth

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