Odyssey Grant

Click here Empowering Parent Grant with Odyssey to see if your family qualifies to receive funding for your private or semi-private swimming lessons under our Vendor name, Hummingbird Holistic Health, Learn 2 Swim.

You may receive $1000 per child up to 3 children grades K-12 if you qualify. This will cover the full price of swimming lessons, yoga sessions, and the activity yoga book for children, “I Am Remarkable, A Journey of Self-Discovery” written and illustrated by Ruth Nielson.

Hummingbird Holistic Health
Hummingbird Holistic Health has partnered with Empowering Parents, a grant program funded
by the state of Idaho that provides eligible families with funds to use on approved educational
services. We offer private swimming lessons, yoga sessions, and educational materials for their
children through Odyssey. The goal of this program is to help students recover from the learning
loss caused by the pandemic. Up to $3,000 is available to families with children in grades K-12.

To book your swimming lessons or yoga sessions contact:

1. Apply for your grant here: Empowering Parents 

2. Contact us to use your grant dollars for all swimming lessons, yoga sessions, and educational materials. 

3. Enjoy watching your children thrive with the enjoyment of self-care, new skills, mental health, and greater strength! 

Hummingbird Holistic Health is proud to be a preferred health and education vendor for the Empowering Parents Program! 

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Rexburg, Idaho 


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