Retail Shop

Our retail shop has a lot to offer for your best yoga experience. If you are looking for great gift ideas for any season, a new yoga outfit for yourself, or other yoga supplies, this is the place to shop. We also sell Joy Organics Premium Grade THC-Free CBD products and promote Arbonne products.

Check out our shop before and after classes or schedule an appointment with Ruth Graupner, 208-317-0994.

To purchase Arbonne products, please call Morgan Safely, 425-749-6516.

“Hi! My name is Morgan Safley. I am originally from Seattle, WA and have been in the Teton Valley area for 3 years. I have a passion for helping people/consumers gain knowledge about clean products and intentionally purchasing healthy non-toxic products, from cosmetics to soap to protein powder! We are a B corporation, which is something I am personally so proud and eager to share about. So much research has been done on what causes chronic diseases and it has been narrowed down to three things: exposure/environment, smoking and diet. Arbonne’s skincare line and 30 days to healthy living program can change the way you live. I have come to devote my life to helping others consume consciously. I’d love to meet with you and help in anyway I can.” 

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