Stalked, Twice in One Night

A story of vulnerability and the will to survive another day. I could not have been more miserable in my entire life as I stood in the dark, black night, the sky now clearing after a heavy downpour. Earlier that evening we had been out with friends and I was driving our purple Neon car. […]

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Life After Domestic Violence

    The road to recovery is long, it is painful, it is frightening, it stretches the limits you want to stay within, but it is worth every minute.  Be prepared to jump out of your box for good.  Destroy the roots that have strangled you!  You have received a second chance at life, joy, […]

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Finding the Counselor for You

Finding a counselor that is right for your needs can be tricky. Maybe you are at a loss and need some direction……….. I have been to numerous counselors over the past 16 years to learn to find a voice and direction through the pains of 10 years in a marriage coated in domestic violence and […]

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Afraid of fear….?

A voice against domestic violence, from first hand experience. We all have fears, a fear of…………. You can quickly fill in the blank at the very mention of the word. But does the fear drive you to a motionless state of mind, or do you push beyond that fear? Pressing into a greater understanding, discovering […]

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