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The Benefits of Hot Yoga are Many!

Hot Yoga in Teton Valley!! What could be better for a cold, long winter, than a break in the weather with a hot cup of tea, a long nap by the fire, sleeping……cozy under down comforters, or a long hot bath to ease the body…

The Purest Air

Never have I loved a breath more, none comparably so pure as the first inhale after stepping onto the earth after a flight from Sydney, Australia, landing in Hobart, Tasmania. The purest air I ever breathed, marvelous fresh air that when inhaled made me…

On Becoming an Ambassador for Roots Tribe Yoga

RTY:  Empowering kids to step into their fullest potential! Chakra Diamond leggings by Om Shanti, photo courtesy by the main man in my life. Baby grasshopper pose.  The Grand Tetons, backdrop. I first heard of Roots Tribe Yoga through  Om Shanti had a…

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